“What the fuck, Tony?” Naomi was the first to speak as she turned away from the grisly scene inside the truck.  Tony wore an unabashed expression. “He was already suspicious.  All he had to do was hit the gas and we’d be fucked.  I solved the problem.” Abby looked at him for a long time […]


The empty streets did little to relieve Luke’s tension.  After the way he and Abby had been so easily taken prisoner by Nice Bob and his friend, he kept a wary eye out for anyone who might be trying to ambush them.  If the armory was far enough, chances were good that they’d run into […]


His whole world was darkness.  Luke floated through an empty void, half-aware, unable to wonder where he was or what had happened.  He had no conception of how much time had passed.  After a second, or an eternity, light crept in.  With nothing to illuminate, there was little to distinguish it from the darkness at […]


They stumbled through the gate, exhausted, but relieved.  The dirt of the road was ingrained deep in the travelers’ skin after more than a month’s travel beyond Crater’s borders.  Their feet were sore, their backs ached, but relief was palpable in their steps as they crossed the threshold home.  The wagons were emptier than they […]

Interlude 2 – Earth

The office building was nondescript, with little to differentiate it from any other corporate headquarters Deb had seen since coming to LA.  She suspected they had left the city proper, however, as the neighborhood Howitz drove them to seemed more suburban than anything else. The—investigator?  Government agent? Deb wasn’t sure who she worked for—had been […]


By the time Luke was back amongst the rest of the caravan, the elf had already pulled Ella away from her discussion with Sasheya.  It seemed that it hadn’t had the patience to ask for another volunteer and had picked its own instead. Luke could see them speaking out of earshot of everyone else, her […]


Despite Luke’s best efforts, the paranoia started to creep back in.  He’d grown more comfortable traveling in the weeks the caravan had spent on the road, but the implications of what he’d learned in Ark sent him spiralling back into the same pattern of watchfulness that he’d fallen into at the beginning of the journey.  […]


Luke was shaken awake at dawn by an exhausted Angela.  Tony stood next to her, looking sleepy and annoyed. Angela had awoken them both to let them know what had happened once she’d left with the Ark folk. The ‘Adam’ Luke had heard a reference to was assumed by the Stewards to be Adam Forrester, […]


Ella was not happy when the caravan met in the sleeping quarters that had been given over for their use in Ark. “Are you all fucking children?  Because I’m sure as hell not your mom, and that’s all I was doing today.  I couldn’t get through five goddamn minutes without one of you arguing with […]


Though he still worried for Abby and Carver, Luke had to admit he enjoyed traveling while the caravan was split up.  The heat of the desert was still stifling, but with Simmons, Carver, Ella, and Angela all gone much of the tension that had been so prominent since Hobble had vanished.  Without their most impassioned […]